The First Horseshoe Tounament Winner
On this day in 1910, the first horseshoe pitching tournament was held in Bronson, Kansas. Things were a little different in those days of horseshoes, the stakes were only 2 inches high, ringers counted as five points, leaners three and close shoes were one. The stakes were 38 feet apart.
18 Year Old Girl Hits Million Dollar Lottery
How about this for a recent lottery winner! Jane Park, 18 years old from Edinburgh, England, won one and half million dollars in the lottery a year ago but not much has changed for her. Jane still lives at home with her Mother in a two bedroom apartment and still eats at McDonald’s.
New Reality Show, Bagged
Myx TV, an Asian-America entertainment network has a new reality show coming called Bagged. It’s a dating show that relies on personality rather than looks. Three contestants will try to win the heart on one dater, while the dater never sees their faces.
$590 Million Dollar Powerball Winner Still A Mystery
It’s been 12 days since the $590 million dollar Powerball jackpot was hit by a single person in Zephyrhills, Florida, but no one has come forward to claim the prize money. The small town of 13,000 is wondering who the winner is. Speculation in the town is a female supermarket employe…

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