So How Cold Was It?
The calender says it's 24 days until spring. I don't believe it. In what has been a brutal winter, many are waking up to the coldest morning we've experienced. So, let's have fun with it.
Don’t Forget The Animals This Winter
We've been living through the coldest month ever recorded in many Maine communities. Also, the amount of snowfall this past month has been record setting as well. Many of us have had difficulty driving in the snow, heating our homes and so on.
Get Ready For Another Snowstorm
Most of Maine is now under another Winter Storm Warning for Monday. The rugged week plus of winter weather shows no signs of slowing down as another winter storm bears down on Maine.
Governor Paul LePage Declares State of Emergency
Maine's Governor, Paul LePage, has declared a state of emergency and announced that all State offices will be closed today. The storm is expected to bring Winter Storm and Blizzard conditions to all of Maine, as well as coastal flooding to southwestern Maine.
Snowflakes Studied and Identified
Professor Kenneth Libbrecht has been studying snowflakes for the past 17 years. He studies snowflakes to better understand structure formation and self-assembly. Scientists say the study of snowflakes in the pursuit of understanding basic science.

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