Punxsutawney Phil Says Six More Weeks of Winter
In case you haven't heard, Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog that predicts the weather came out of his burrow yesterday at 7:25 a.m. to see if we would have six more weeks of winter. If he sees his shadow it means we will, if he had not seen his shadow we would be in for an early spring.
Oxford, ME Mother Becomes the TherMOMeter for Jimmy Kimmel
One of talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s writing assistants, Becky, has a mother who lives in Oxford, ME. Becky asked her mom, Peggy Dorf, to record videos of her walking around their house with a thermometer hanging around her neck, saying how cold it was in different rooms.
The Weather Channel’s Prediction For Winter 2013-2014
The Weather Channel has released its late fall and winter temperature outlook for 2013-2014. Chief Meteorologist Dr. Todd Crawford says, 'we do foresee colder-than-normal temperatures across the Midwest into the mid-Atlantic and Southeast in November and potentially into early December.'
Randy’s Almost Done Cutting Wood for the Winter
Seems like it’s been all summer I have been cutting wood getting ready for winter, but when I look back on it, June was so rainy I didn’t cut much then. July, August and now into September have been months where practically every weekend I was out cutting and splittin…
Sharon’s First Sign of Fall
Getting up so early in the morning it's still pitch black outside. When I go out to start my car I stop for a moment and look up at the sky. I LOVE seeing the Milky Way and all the stars. Living out in the country has its advantages.
But this morning I saw something I was not too excited about.

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