Snowflakes Studied and Identified
Professor Kenneth Libbrecht has been studying snowflakes for the past 17 years. He studies snowflakes to better understand structure formation and self-assembly. Scientists say the study of snowflakes in the pursuit of understanding basic science.
Always Clean Off Your Car After a Storm
Today (Jan. 5) at least 20 vehicles were damaged along the Maine Turnpike and I-295 in southern Maine from flying chunks of ice and snow. State police spokesman Steve McCausland urges all drivers to make sure their vehicles are always fully cleaned off after a storm.
Chad Hood Makes New Snow Creation!
When Chad told me he was going to create something new with snow I couldn't wait!
He said he would take Anderson outside yesterday and build a new snow sculpture.
He has made others in the past but this was so awesome to have it built in our yard!
What Do You Want to Do When Spring Arrives?
Yes, 90% of us of are sick of the cold and the snow.
There are the diehards that have plenty of snow left to play with.
But, if you look at your friend's posts on Facebook, there are more wishes for Spring rather than snow.

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