I know men seem to have their act together all the time and never worry about anything (yes that is sarcasm.) The truth is, men do worry and according to relationship expert and bestselling author Charles J Orlando there are 7 things men fear the most. 

Ingrained in man’s DNA is the belief in our ability to protect, be strong and regain control and in a lot of men, hold everything in. Men tend to think the best way to solve problems and work through issues is to do it alone.

The things men worry about most are ‘Am I/or will I be good Father.' Men want to know they can pass-on things they know. ‘Is my partner satisfied?' 'Am I doing a good job in the bedroom? Both are big worries.

'Health’ is important to men especially with cancer being so prevalent. ‘Am I getting old?' That's also a biggie. Also, as eyesight goes and hair turns gray, men begin to realize they won’t live forever.

Also important is 'Losing his job,' because working is a big deal to him. Other worries include these questions. ‘What have I accomplished?' 'Will I be remembered in some way and what will my legacy be?' At the top of the list is “Money.' Do I make enough to support my family?  Will I be able to send the kids to college? Will I have enough for retirement?

Men are more likely to keep their fears to themselves and work things out rather than admit to others he has them.