It came on so suddenly.

One evening we were in the field across the street playing baseball.

The next night...We were SWARMED!

With the onset of spring, all of us can't wait to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. But there is that one drawback for the next month or so:

The Black Fly.

Yessiree, Bob, they are back. And back with a VENGENCE!!!

You can try the Skin-So-Soft. You can spray on the Deep Woods Off.

You can try....but it never lasts.

So in honor of Black Fly Season, here is Wade Hemsworth. He was a Canadian folk singer and songwriter who died in 2002. He is also famous for "The Truck Driver's Waltz". Below he is singing his original song "The Black Fly Song". He sings about his time in Ontario, but Chad's parent's call where we live Canada, so it's basically the same!