Living in Maine, of course I would watch a show taking place right here in Maine!

And I'm hooked!

But I'm surprised at how much different it is from another famous police show 'Cops'.

After watching this week's episode with the woman with the painted toes who shot EIGHT times at a herd of moose, I've come to believe people in Maine are just as brilliant as people are everywhere else. But there are a FEW differences between 'North Woods Law' and the ever-popular 'Cops".

#1: When suspects in Maine runaway, you don't see their jeans falling down exposing their just see crack.

#2: When people are suspected of firing a weapon, it's at an animal...not a human.

#3: When the Maine Game Wardens say "Tell me the truth"...the suspect usually does! They don't beat around the bush, they just admit it.

#4: They don't find marijuana on the person, they find the entire FIELD!

#5:  One of the highlights of the season is the Annual Moose Lottery not the lineup at the police station.

#6:  We get excited seeing a rusty pickup truck coming up the drive...not a suped-up Toyota.

#7: 'Cops' should use Trail Cameras...they take better pictures!!

#8: And EVERYONE owns a 30-06...not a 33 Magnum!

Those are MY observations. Do YOU have any?