About 20 years ago, my family was living in Deltona, Florida. I was living with my sister in Fairfield. My parents had decided to move there in 1991 and they let me stay here in Maine with Wendy to finish my last year of high school.

While talking to my parents one day, my mom said she was having biopsies on the lumps they had removed from her breasts. They turned out to be benign, thank God.

Then about 10 years later, while doing a self breast exam, I found mine.

The first thing that runs through your mind is "Oh no! I have Cancer!" The doctor did her exam and said "Yes, you need to have a mammogram." When the results came back, I was told I needed an ultrasound, too, just to make sure.

Thankfully, everything was fine.

I've been getting mammograms every year since I was 28.  In fact, around 4 years ago I had another scare. My doctor sent me to a specialist in Waterville to talk to and I'm glad I did. When I told him of my symptoms he sent me for a mammogram right away.

Luckily everything came back clean. HOWEVER, I would need to have a mammogram every year...just to make sure nothing changes.

Lately I've been tired. Very tired. And, while doing another exam...yup, I found more.

Today I get my 11th mammogram. It's really not as bad as people make it out to be. The only discomfort I get is that I can't breath! I am so thankful for my doctor, Dr. Rosalind Waldron, who listens to me and hears my concerns. She knows me so well. Hopefully, by Monday I will get the words I have heard before "They are nothing to worry about. You're just fine."

Please, ladies and gentlemen, do your monthly self exams. It's not just women who get breast Cancer. If you find ANYTHING contact your doctor and make sure YOU are okay, too.