Getty Images, photo by Gareth Cattermole

It’s called the Flip Flop report, and it was compiled by Expedia Travel to see what beach attitudes are worldwide. The favorite beach activity for Americans in walking along the beach followed by people watching. Swimming came in third and sunbathing fourth.

Americans also say they buy a new outfit before going to the beach, work out, diet and a waxing ranked high too. As far as fear of going in the water, Singaporeans overwhelmingly said it was sharks that kept them out of the water while Americans said they feared sharks, but it wasn’t something that would keep them from going swimming.

The French had the highest tolerance for Speedos while Americans said it was OK to wear them, but in Norway and Japan, it is almost taboo. Beach nudity was least accepted in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India and Singapore but most accepted in Germany. 15% of Canadians said they would sunbath topless while only 8% of Americans said they would...

The survey covered 8,606 survey responses across America, Europe and Asia.