The flu season has hit Maine early this year. Normally the increase in flu cases comes after the holidays with all of its travel and gatherings. Now the flu is to blame for the death of 6 year old girl from Benton. This is Maine’s first flu death since 2010.

The little girl was in the first grade at Benton Elementary School and her name is Avery Lane. I cannot even image what the family is going through at this time. Maine CDC said it’s very rare for a child that's healthy to die from the flu.

The best defense when it comes to the flu is, you guess it, prevention. The Maine CDC recommends a flu shot and preventions like hand washing, cover coughs with tissues or sleeves and stay home when sick. You know, the stuff Mom told you to do when you were a kid.

Now as a responsible adult, I have to ask, "How do I know the difference between a cold and the flu?"  Well, the Maine CDC said the symptoms of flu are more severe than a cold.  The flu includes upper respiratory congestion, headaches, difficulty breathing, muscle aches, fatigue and fever higher than 100. The flu can also accompany another diagnosis like strep throat.