Getty Images, photo by Hulton Archive

The flying car always seemed like a thing of the future. By 2015, the future could be here.  A company called Terragugia is hoping to sell the first flying car, a hybrid car-plane named Transition. The Transition isn’t like a flying car we dreamed of as it is clumsy and hard to handle.

The company is working on the TF-X vehicle that will have propellers like a helicopter but drive like a street legal sedan and be capable of a vertical takeoff and landing.

It’s the Transition coming to market in two years though which is more like a private jet. The look is described as a toy plane that was dropped in trash compactor. The Transition flying car must take off from an airport but first has to be outfitted for takeoff, so you can drive it the airfield but then must convert it to a plane. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for the price, $300,000.