Whether you agree with it or not, the 'john' list that Alexis Wright of Wells kept at her Kennebunk dance studio will be released and here are the first 21 names......[UPDATE...The judge now has allowed addresses and middle initials to be added.]

From the Kennebunk Police Department:

Late Tuesday afternoon, via a telephonic conference call with counsel for the interested parties in the civil action seeking a protective order to keep confidential the names of the “johns” in the Alexis Wright prostitution case, Maine Superior Court (Cumberland County) Justice Thomas Warren has revised his October 15, 2012, Order, which had limited the public disclosure to names only of the first group of defendants, to allow the Police Department to disclose also the home addresses and ages of the defendants. As a result, the Police Department has now amended its disclosures as shown below.

Please also note that the criminal charge issued against those listed below is Engaging a Prostitute, a Class E crime under Maine law, as provided in Title 17A MRSA §853-B. All those issued a summons to date are scheduled to appear in Maine Tenth District Court in Biddeford on December 5, 2012, at 1pm.

The following have been charged:

Gary D. Bahlkow, 57, of 15 Lawrence Road, North Yarmouth, ME
Jens W. Bergen, 54, of 79 Portland Road, Kennebunk, ME
Norman P. Crepeau Jr., 46, of 2 Channel Cove Lane, Biddeford, ME
Joseph P. Cuetara, 63, of 10 Commercial Wharf, Suite 511, Boston, MA
Kenneth A. Fairbanks, 54, of 177 Ridge Road, Lisbon Falls, ME
Donald F. Hill, 52, of 139 Union Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, ME
Monie B. Hobbs Jr., 43, of 11 Aaron’s Way, North Berwick, ME
David Kline, 51, of 870 Central Road, Rye Beach, NH
Robert R. Labonte, 61, of 8 New County Road, Saco, ME
Dale P. Madore, 34, of 242 West Pownal Road, North Yarmouth, ME
Paul A. Main, 43, of 153 South Street, Biddeford, ME
Harry J. McMann, 55, of 76 Morning Street, Portland, ME
Kevin L. Pagliccia, 39, 200 Frost Road, Lyman, ME
Claude S. Palmer Jr., 47, of 117 Pottle Road, Oxford, ME
Philip K. Parker, 65, of 125 Ross Road, Kennebunk, ME
Colin P. Powers, 39, of 4 Ramsay Terrace, Scarborough, ME
Clinton J. Ray, 42, of 150 Falmouth Street, Portland, ME
James A. Soule, 58, of 23 Whitworth Drive, South Portland, ME
John D. Verreault, 50, of 1 Seafields Lane, Saco, ME
James P. White, 38, of 50 Lord Road, Buxton, ME
Peter M. Wormell Sr., 61, of 200 Brook Street, Westbrook, ME