With football season in full swing, what better way to enjoy it than in your own 'man' cave! I was invited to watch some football this Sunday at my friend Damian's house in Wilton and to see his new 'man cave'. Knowing Damian, I knew he would go all out to make it really awesome, he did! His 'man cave' is his 2-car garage that he has converted into the 'man cave'.

There's a handmade wood bar with barstools. A mini-fridge, a sectional couch (better than the furniture in my house!) neon signs and that's just the beginning. There's a brand new pool table and a projection television that is 112 inches of football bliss and with the n-f-l ticket! Oh, and he's going to add a dart board and hook-up his spare 40-inch t.v.!

It's not just for football, it's great for U-F-C parties, NASCAR, the baseball playoffs. In fact, I think I want to move in!

Do you have a 'man cave' and what would you add to your 'man cave' to make it the best ever?