The Mayor of the tiny town of Talkeetna, Alaska, is a cat. The town of just under 900 elected Stubbs the cat 15 years ago and he has served as Mayor ever since. Mayor Stubbs recently had to take a few days off from his civic duties due to an attack by a dog.

Mayor Stubbs the cat has served as Mayor of Talkeetna for 15 years and is the only Mayor the town has ever known, but a vicious dog attack left Mr. Stubbs with a punctured lung, bruised hip, a sternum fracture and a slash on his side.

Mayor Stubbs is holding up fine though. As his owner Lauri Stec says, ‘He’s a freaking tough boy’. The town is said to be the inspiration for the T.V. show Northern Exposure, located 115 mile north of Anchorage.

Stubbs has his own Facebook page and was getting, ‘get well’ wishes from around the world. Donations have been pouring in too for his Veterinary bills. This isn’t the first time Mayor Stubbs has had  a run-in with pain: He’s been shot by a BB Gun (the BB is still in him), he fell into a cold fryer vat and jumped off a garbage truck.

Town members hope the Mayor will be back on the job soon and are hanging on to his wine glass waiting his return.