The ‘North Pond Hermit,’ who has been suspected in thousands of break-ins over the last 27 years, has been arrested in the town of Rome. That is not a typo. He lived in the Maine woods for 27 years!

47 year old Christopher Knight took only what he needed to survive in the wilderness for the past 27 years. According to the Kennebec Journal, he would break into camps to steal supplies to support his lifestyle as a hermit AND all that time he claims he spoke just once to another person! Well, at least until he was arrested during a burglary last week. He is currently at the Kennebec County jail.

Can you imagine? 27 years on your own in the Maine woods. I must admit part of it has kind of a twisted romantic charm to it until the reality of the cold winters and hard work creeps in to my mind. I am kinda lazy.  I also am not the most social person, but c'mon, 27 years and not seeing anyone. That is a little too much, even for me.