Getty Images, photo by George Frey

The number of women hunters has gone up in the last 6 years by 25% since 2006. More and more women in the U.S. are spending time in the deer stand and tree blind. Many outdoor companies are stocking more and more women’s apparel and accessories to meet the demand.

While men still account for the majority of the 13.7 million hunters in the country, women account for about 11% of the total.

One reason may be that the sustainable food and agriculture initiatives are supported by women more than men. One of the main ideas of the initiative is to eat locally and what better way than to hunt your own meat.

Women are also realizing how much fun hunting can be and can bring the family closer together by sharing in the activity.

Whatever the reason, some women are going to the supermarket to get their food, but more and more each year are going into the woods for their food.