The Ice Storm of 2013 resulted into over 100,000 CMP and Bangor Hydro customers to be without power, many for more than a few days. Work crews from CMP and Bangor Hydro and many work crews from out of state have been working around the clock to restore the power.To make sure that the work crews understand that their hard work and sacrifice of being away from their families during Christmas aren't going unnoticed, The Red Barn restaurant in Augusta, held a free 'thank you' meal for the work crews on Thursday night.

The Red Barn manager, Peter Benedict, told WMTW-TV, 'They do a wonderful job out there in the freezing cold. Some working 17-hour days.'

Also, area residents volunteered to serve food and wash dishes, as part of their thank you to the line men and tree workers.

Billy Wyelton, a lineman from Florida, told WMTW-TV, 'It's wonderful. The people of Maine have been wonderful, we couldn't ask for anything better.'