Getty Images, photo by Mario Tama

Something I learned this week that I never knew before, is there are Amish in Maine. Talking to some people they said they have known this for years while others where as surprised as I was. They began arriving in Maine in the mid 1990’s buying reasonably-priced farmlands to practice their faith and raise their families.

The first Amish community was in Smyrna, west of Houlton. From there, communities popped up in Easton, near Fort Fairfield and more recently in Waterville, Unity and Thorndike. They ride their horse and buggies and you also have the opportunity to visit one of their shops where they sell their hand made goods. Breads, jams and other foods are available and in Smyrna, the Pioneer Place General Store sells locally made furniture.

If you ever see Amish people working in the fields, at the store or riding a horse and buggy, they are shy about people taking photographs of them, in fact taking pictures is discouraged. Although I was able to find this photo.