Some facts about Maine in the winter time and at Christmas you may not know, starting out in Bethel, Maine. In 2008 they broke their own world record of the largest snowman ever built measuring 122 feet tall.

Famous explorer John Smith issued the name ‘Christmas Cove’, in Lincoln County, because he landed there on Christmas Day 1614.

According to the National Climatic Data Center, Caribou, Maine is the city east of the Mississippi most likely to have a white Christmas. 97% chance of snow on the ground and a 57% chance of 10” or more.

Maine is the largest producer of Christmas wreaths for the holiday season.

The movie ‘The 12 Dogs of Christmas’ was filmed in Bethel, Maine in 2005. It was shot in May so snow had to be brought in from Sunday River Ski Resort.

167,000 Christmas trees are sold in Maine each year; the percentage of homes in Maine that have real trees is 30%.

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Maine was 50 below zero. It was January 16, 2009 in Caribou.