Thomas Edison, who held over 1093 patients for inventions, had to start somewhere and today’s the day. In 1862, Edison was granted his first patent for an electric voting machine that he offered to Congress but no one want to use it. His next invention was much more profitable earning him $40,000 for an improved stock market ticket tape machine. Edison was known as ‘The Wizard of Menlo Park’, a nickname he acquired because his ‘invention factory’ was in Menlo Park, New Jersey.


Edison’s first great invention was the phonograph in 1877 although he didn’t bring to the public until 1887 because he was busy working on his greatest invention, electric light. Edison installed the first electric lights in his own lab and the first public power system in Manhattan.  Some of Edison’s invention included the motion picture camera and projector, the printing telegraph, an electric torpedo, cement mixer, microphones and many more. Edison died at the age of 84 mostly dissatisfied with his work because he thought many of his ideas where being ignored.