The Throw Back Thursday pictures have been circulating Facebook for awhile. So I thought I'd throw THIS pic into the mix!

I wasn't born in Maine. I moved here when I was 8. But I can SHOW you where I lived...thanks to Google!

Photo from Google Earth

I remember my address like it was yesterday: 75 Avery Street, Milford CT 06460. I've never forgotten it. A few years ago I went with Renee Nelson on a trip to New York City to see Hugh Jackman in a play with Daniel Craig. I asked to stop at my old school and my old house. I knew exactly how to get there, too. Still hadn't forgotten after all these years.

The house USED to be red with white trim. The tree on the left side of the picture was MUCH smaller back in 1983. I used to hide behind it playing Frozen Tag with my sisters. The woman who lived on the right side of the picture, Mrs. Barris, had an enormous flower garden. The house to the left was never there. It was a vacant lot where our dog, Tiger, is buried (hopefully still so). The people who lived in the blue house across the road on the left, the Dinghy's, had a giant Great Dane that was hit by a car right in front of our house. The girl who was like a sister to us and still is, Trish Black, live down the road and you could see her road from our house. My very best friend, MaryJo Filanowski, live in the house behind us. I went over just a few times but we talked through the fence and she had a shed that was once overgrown with a raccoon family.

Photo from Google Earth

It now has a huge mall in the small town, now a city, that I grew up in. The mall, I heard, has 3 floors. My elementary school, Pumpkin Delight, which was built on a pumpkin patch, is still on Art Street. It's still a very short walk to the school. I was there from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. I had the best teachers, especially my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sheldon. She lived to 100 years old and passed away last year.

Photo from Google Earth

If you look at the map, you'll see our house was 10 minutes from the Milford Beach, something I had visited only 3 times. And, when they were filming 'JAWS' in New York all the fake blood washed up on our beach. People didn't swim there for months after!

Yes, this is my small town turned big city: Milford, Connecticut. I hope everyone still has fond memories of where they grew up. They are the best!! I wish I could go back to 'The House That Built Me' like Miranda Lambert sings about. I'd love to see the hole in the floor where my sisters would us messages, my brother's room where he hung a glow in the dark poster of Gene Simmons that scared the you-know-what out of me and even the attic where we thought it was an adventure just to go up there and see all the Christmas decorations.