To many people, hunting is either black or white. It's either "Don't hurt the pretty little animals" or "KILL! KILL! KILL!"

I'm more in the grey area. There aren't many of us, but we do exist.

When Chad decided to start rabbit hunting again, I was torn.

Before I met him, he had beagles and hunted rabbits. He had been talking of owning a beagle again and going rabbit hunting. Who am I to stop him from doing something he loves?

I think hunting should be for the purpose of feeding your family. I'm not a fan of doing it just for sport.

I was watching the rabbit hunting videos with him of how the dogs are trained to follow the scent, how rabbits travel in a circle and it usually takes a long time to have them cross your path.  It is pretty amazing how the dogs can follow that wascilly wabbit for so long. It takes patience and a good shot to get your bunny.

I told him that if he does go rabbit hunting, all I ask is that he bring the 'food' home with him, skin it and I'll cook it up. I really think it should be used as food for the family. He told me he didn't understand how to skin it so he investigated by watching videos on YouTube. He came to me and told me it wasn't that hard.

Relationships are work. Not very hard, but listening to the other person and HEARING what they say is key.  So, go ahead with my blessing and bring home dinner, Baby! I've never had Hasenpfeffer but I can't wait to try it!