Country Superstar Toby Keith recently received the Million-Air Award from BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) for more than 15 million air plays of songs he wrote. Toby performed the songs too but the award goes to songwriters.  Toby Keith is the latest to receive the award and joins the company of such greats as Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, Isaac Hayes and Roy Orison.

Some of the songs and his biggest hits that won the award for him are: God Love Her, I Love This Bar, She Never Cried in Front of Me, Beer For My Horses and Who’s Your Daddy. Toby says as he was growing up everybody he loved in music wrote their own songs and he felt that if they didn’t write their own, he wasn’t buying the record. He listened to all types of music growing up including Kiss, The Eagles, Charlie Daniels, Hank Jr., Johnny Cash and more and they all wrote music. Toby Keith says he does a lot of things in his life but the thing he does best is songwriting.