It started with five toilets on the back lawn of Augusta plumber David Labbe's lawn. This Sunday, I went by his display, and the number of toilets have bloomed to around a dozen. Why is David Labbe displaying these pieces of porcelain protest art?

Photo by Andy Capwell

Labbe told the Kennebec Journal, that there are two main reasons for the toilet display. To protest opposition to the Dunkin' Donuts decision and because he doesn't much care for what his property looks like now.

The Massachusetts-based Cafua Management Co. wanted to build a brand new Dunkin' Donuts on Stone Street in Augusta. Part of the deal would have bought Mr. Labbe's home, which is adjacent to the location. Labbe says he would have made three times what he bought the home for in 1999.

The Augusta Planning Board has twice denied a zoning change to allow the project to continue.

Meanwhile, the toilet protest continues, with a sign asking for up to 70 toilets to fill the yard.