It's a difficult situation that all families have to face, when is a family member too old to drive? I remember the day that I had to have the talk with my father.It had become clear that his ability to drive had diminished to where he was putting himself and others in danger.

I researched what Maine law is for drivers that become older and saw that a vision test is required at each renewal for drivers 62 and older. Also Maine drivers 65 and older have to renew their license every 4 years, instead of every 6 years. However, there is no new written or road test.

Just this week an 11-year old boy from Leeds was struck by an 83-year old man on the Bog Road in Leeds. The boy had to be taken by Liftflight of Maine helicopter to Maine Medical Center in Portland with serious injuries. Androscoggin County Sheriff charged 83-year olf Milton Hill with a violation of a license that had been revoked earlier this year because of a medical condition.

It's a tough situation families have to face, how to tell a parent they shouldn't be driving anymore. How have you dealt with this in your family?