There are a lot of great businesses in Augusta!  There always has been.  But we've also seen a lot of great businesses come and go.  Some of them, I miss and would love to see them return to Augusta.  Some I never had to pleasure of visiting, but heard great stories about them.

In absolutely no particular are a few businesses that were once in Augusta and are missed.

  1. Bonanza Restaurant - I miss their ginormous salad bar!  There hasn't been another restaurant in the area to offer a salad bar with such a selection
  2. Chernowsky's - a department store downtown.
  3. Emery's Meats - while they have only moved to was much handier having them in Augusta
  4. Ames - They were affordable...especially when I was young and living on my own for the first time.
  5. Service Merchandise - This is #1 in my heart
  6. Radio Shack - OK...I had to add one for McCoy
  7. Fantasies - I always felt like I was walking into a magical land far far away when I would walk into Fantasies to buy flowers.
  8. Doc's Restaurant - My grandfather's restaurant...that later went on to become Lou's Beverage Barn...that later went on to become Damon's Beverage Mart.  Our one and only, Mike Poulin, remembers eating there as a young lad.  I would have loved the opportunity to see this restaurant open.
  9. Kmart's Diner - Remember when Kmart had a diner inside of it.  I do.  My grandfather used to go there every morning, with his friends, for breakfast.  When I would visit from Germany, he'd bring me with him.
  10. Play It Again Sports - just recently closed and it saddens me.  What a GREAT idea and boy did I benefit from their business.