I guess it was supposed to be funny, but it wasn't

A clueless Toronto Maple Leafs fan outside the Air Canada Center decided to make his point with a "Toronto Stronger" sign during last nights playoff game between the Bruins and the Maple Leafs. The fan, obviously riled up for his team's first playoff game in nine years, decided to make a play on the "Boston Strong" signs that have popped up since the horrific Boston Marathon bombings last month.Now, I'm all for edgy humor, but this goes way past that. Taking a slogan meant to heal after a tragedy and using it to mock an opposing hockey team (from the city where the tragedy hit, mind you) is beyond tasteless. Needless to say, when pictures of the sign started appearing on the Internet, the reaction was swift. In Boston, it was the top trending topic on Twitter while the game was still going on. And even the Canadian Broadcasting Company did a story on the anger that the sign provoked among Bostonians and Canadians.

While it would be nice to fantasize about bringing this clown and his sign to Boston for Game 5 of the series and see how long he lasts holding it outside the Garden (my guess is 2 minutes), that won't solve anything. The best way to do something is to donate to the One Fund, the charity that has been set up for the victims and their families, maybe even make the donation in the name of the guy with the "Toronto Stronger" sign, that would be an nice, ironic way for his "fame" to pay off.