We bought a trampoline from a woman who was moving and couldn't take it with her. We inspected it to make sure it was in good condition. Then we had to figure out how to get it home!

How did we do it?

The house was down our road and rather than take it apart, we decided to carry/drag it home! Chad, the kids and I were able to get it to the dirt part of our road by me pushing it and Chad pulling. The kids, well, they tried!

We brought it home yesterday with the help of our neighbors, Jeff and Shannon. They came over and helped us drop it into the backyard. After we straightened and tightened everything the kids decided to try it out!

ALL the kids.

That means Chad, too!

We were all on it and Chad decided to try and do a flip. He did it without hesitation! Take a look at the video. He went all out! Yes, men are the biggest kids around!

Anderson, Jayden and Brad were on it for hours. Another thing they can do outside all day. I like having to call them in for dinner. Kids should be outside during the summer!