The government in Chile has been studying photos of UFO’s that were taken by miners at a remote cooper mine. The government says they believe they are genuine UFO’s. The study was done by the Chilean equivalent to the FAA.

The photos were taken by four technicians, professionals, specializing in electricity, electronics and fluid control. The mine is 14,000 feet above sea level where the skies are usually clear. They took pictures of a strange disc-shaped object that was about 2,000 feet above, hovering for more than an hour. They claim it made no sound and eventually moved away toward the East.

The sighting was in April, 2013, but wasn’t given to the government for study until February, 2014 with the results released July 3rd. According to witnesses the craft measured 16 to 31 feet, was a brightly colored flattened disc and performed short length maneuvers. The photos are still being analyzed and they will be filed for future use and comparison. The witnesses are not coming forward to answer any questions and without that is does reduce the credibility of the sighting.