How about you? Would you name you little princess ‘Yoga?’ Or your baby boy ‘Espn’? I like unique names. I think it makes one stand out and as an adult,  I think that can be cool.  As a kid, let’s just say a unique name can 'build character,,' hopefully in a good way. But the list of this years most original names has some interesting choices.

This list was built from information from the Baby Center. Their information comes from nearly half a million parents who shared their baby's name with them. To make the list the name had to be used more than once.  So one day little Hippo just may have the chance to run into at least one other person by that name.

My top picks for unique girl names: Excel, Fedora, Inny and Yoga.  My top picks for the unique boy names: Goodluck, Google, Mango, Popeye and Tron.  Check out the whole list...what are your favorites?