One of the projects of theKousinoc Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution is sending Valentines to those in the Veterans Homes. But they need your help. An email I received from a fellow DAR member (yes, I am DAR!)  said the number of Valentines to Togus have fallen over the years. But if we all do an extra card or two we can change that.

Togus used to receive around 10,000 Valentine cards each year. Now that number has dropped to about 1,000 Valentine cards. But you can change that.  How about doing an extra few cards for our Veterans? It is a great project for kids too! There are 112 veterans making their home at Togus.

Here is the copy of the guidelines I received in the email.  Happy mailing and happy Valentine’s Day!


 1)  Cards can be made on white paper, construction paper, computer/graphic-generated, etc.  May use paint, crayons, glitter, anything that will not come loose to decorate the card (i.e., do not use small buttons, foam decorations, pipe cleaners, etc. that may come off or could be swallowed).

 2) Suggest that the cards be uplifting "A cheery thought for you"; "In appreciation for all that you did in the military"; "Thanks for serving our country", etc.  DO NOT address the veterans’ war experience, physical  problems, illness - don't say "Sorry you are dying", "It's too bad you can't be home for Valentine's Day", etc.

 3)  Do not need to address the cards to a specific veteran by his/her name.  "Dear Veteran"; "To a Very Special Veteran on Valentine's Day" is sufficient.

 4)  Do not have the children put their full names and addresses on the card.  A first name signature (i.e., Heather, Matthew, etc.) is fine.

 5)  The size and the number of cards an organization would like to make is up to the organization.

6)  Cards may be mailed to:  Voluntary Service (135)
                                             Dept. of Veterans Affairs
                                             Togus VA Medical Center
                                             1 VA Center
                                             Augusta, ME   04330

7)  If an organization would like to deliver the Valentines personally to the veterans, they are requested to contact the Voluntary Service Office (621-4886) to make arrangements for a date/time to distribute them.  Voluntary Service needs to have a tour guide available to go with the group and to inform the nursing units that there will be young visitors on the units.

8)  Questions - feel free to call the Voluntary Service Office at 621-4886.