This coming Thanksgiving will see a very rare occurrence, one we will never see again in our lifetime. Thanksgiving and the beginning of Hanukkah will be on the same day. The last time this happened was in 1888, at least the last time it happened since President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday. The next time it will happen is a long, long, long time from now.

Thanksgiving and the beginning of Hanukkah won’t align again for another 79,043 years. To say this year is a rare occasion in an understatement. Some are calling this the year of ‘Thankshivukkah’, even a song has been written by Rabbi David Paskin of Norwood, Massachusetts called ‘The Ballad of Thanksgivukkah’.

The Jewish practice actually calls for the first of eight candles to be lit on the night before Thanksgiving this year, so technically is starts on the second candle night.