Tobey’s Grocery is your local “convenient grocery store” that offers a full line of grocery items, deli department, bakery and meat department.

In addition to these services, they offer gasoline, and propane, are an agency liquor store and have their very own Pizza Delight for pizza’s, salads, sandwiches and more.

Tobey’s takes pride in their recently expanded meat counter. They offer a large variety of cuts of meat and will also accommodate custom cuts and orders for you. All of their ground beef is ground fresh, right on site.

Motto: “Your Convienent Grocery Store”

Founded: 1992

Led by: Meat Manager Scott

Why They’re Unique: 

Did you know that Tobey’s prices their items very competitively with the big box grocery stores? That’s right, they can offer the pricing you would find in a chain grocery store…. many times even less than the big stores!

Tobey’s Grocery selects an assortment of products according to customer requests. And if customers want to see a new item that is not carried, they can stop in and talk with the General Manager, Shawn, to request their product.

Tobey’s Grocery prides themselves on being close to their customers and making decisions based on what’s best for them.

Visit Tobey’s Grocery today…. you will experience a relaxed atmosphere with local flare and you won’t spend more for the convenience—you will be glad you did!

Meet The Expert

Scott has been a butcher since 1980! And has been with Tobey’s since 2011!

Ask The Expert

Scott has been a butcher since 1980. He is readily available to greet and assist you at the Meat Counter—offering tips on summer grilling, and basic information on your cooking needs.

Below is a list of most frequently asked questions for grilling steaks:

Question: What are the best types of steaks for grilling?


  • A steak grilled is one of summer’s simplest, most delicious pleasures.
  • It all comes down to the cut.
  • Below is a list of the top steaks that we offer and recommend for grilling:

o Filet Mignon

o Ribeye

o Strip Steaks

o Top Sirloin

o Porterhouse

o T-Bone

Question: When should we marinade or season the steaks before grilling?


  • We offer several seasonings and marinades at Tobey’s Grocery and would be happy to recommend one that is right for you.
  • A steak grilled with salt and pepper is sometimes all it needs.
  • You should season your meat even before you start your grill or coals.
  • If you throw seasoning on right before you put it on the grill you end up leaving it all over the grill, not on your steak.
  •  So season your steaks about 15 minutes before you put them on the grill.
  •  That gives the seasoning a chance to dissolve and evenly flavor your meat.

Question: Does piercing meats really cause them to dry out?


  • This is one of the oldest debates in cooking and one of the most commonly held myths about cooking meat.
  • If the piece of meat you were cooking was like a water balloon then piercing the meat would cause liquids to escape and dry out food.
  • Meat however is not like a water balloon.
  • Meat is much more like millions of water balloons.
  • A fork piercing into the meat may damage some of those balloons (cells) but not enough to have an effect of the moisture level of the meat.
  • In fact, the most damaging thing you can do to a piece of meat, apart from overcooking, is to freeze it.
  • Freezing destroys cell membranes and causes the cells to loose moisture.
  • A couple of stabs with a fork won’t make a big difference, but a few dozen will so keep it to a minimum.

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