In King’s Lynn, Norfolk England, a parrot named Buddy is driving the neighborhood crazy with his loud mouth. The 12 year old African Grey parrot says things like, ‘Police’, and sings the theme to the ‘Addams Family’, all at full volume. He also mimics ring tones and then answers ‘Hello, who’s that then?’ Buddy’s been at for two years and the city council finally stepped in and threatened legal action if the owner can’t quiet Buddy down.
--Sure Buddy, you can have a cracker, but when you ask, whisper.

Getty Images, photo by Rich Legg

The family lined up to review the remains of dearly departed Sharolyn Jackson. A couple of them said her nose looked different, a little thinner, but it must be because she had been dead for a couple of weeks. Thirteen days after the funeral they got a call from a hospital in Philadelphia,it was Sharolyn Jackson, she was alive and in a drug and mental treatment center where she went seeking help. The question is now, who is buried in her grave.
--That must be one close knit family.

Getty Images, photo by Mike Obinski

An employee at Petersburg, Kentucky’s Creation Museum was, ironically, struck by lightning. A thunderstorm moved into the area and visitors were on a 1,700 zip line when the employee was helping guest down. He touch a piece of equipment that had been charged by the lightning and current slammed into his body. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
--A Christian-Themed museum being struck by lightning, man, what did they do wrong?