Global warming, winter storms, cold fronts, snow, rain, we have heard and seen it all this winter. Weather predictions have been sometimes accurate and sometimes not so much. Forget the computer and the local weather forecaster, if you want to know what mother nature will be throwing our way, just look at your cat!Army first lieutenant H.H.C Dunwoody suggested in 1883 that animals can predict the weather.

In his book 'Weather Proverbs', Dunwoody has a long list of widely-held folk beliefs about weather predictions. Here are some involving cats.

  • When a cat sneezes it is a sign of rain
  • When cats snore foul weather will follow
  • It's a sign of rain if a cat washes its head behind it's ear
  • When cats lie on their back with their mouth open expect a storm
  • When a cat washes its face with its back to the fire expect a winter thaw.

So the heck with that groundhog in Pennsylvania, you want to know what the weather will be, just say here kitty, kitty!