Waterville city officials are considering a pay-as-you throw trash collection system with curbside recycling. Those who support the program say it will reduce the amount of trash filling landfills and save the city money. Those opposed in changing the trash collection pickup say it will be a financial burden for those on a fixed income.

Tuesday evening at 6:30 there will be a public comment and question session on the trash collection proposal in the council chambers at The Center at 93 Main Street in downtown Waterville.

In the proposal in Waterville, also known as 'pay-per-bag', people would have to buy special trash bags for $2 each, fill them and leave them by the curb for pickup. The proposal also includes a curbside recycling pickup at no additional cost to residents.

For example, an average family that puts out two trash bags a week, the pay-per-bag would be just over $200 annually. The same family would spend between $20 to $40 annually for the same number of trash bags, depending on the brand, if bought at a local supermarket.

So, what is your opinion? Are you in favor or against the Waterville 'pay-per-bag' proposal?