Getty Images, photo by William Thomas Cain

Casey Brooks is one lucky man, to say the least. Brooks and his wife were in Atlantic City and he was boogie boarding when he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger. The tide swept the ring away in a flash but Casey and his wife, Lindsey, looked for it, feeling around in the water with their toes.

They searched, even borrowing goggles from children playing at the beach, but after 5 hours they thought all hope was lost. They decided to head back to their hotel and had given up hope of ever finding the ring. As they walked on the beach near the end of the day, Lindsey noticed a woman with a metal detector scanning the beach, she wanted to ask the women for help but Casey said to leave her alone. Lindsey decided to ask the woman anyway and the woman was big help. She seemed to know the tides and the motion of the current and knew exactly where to begin looking. Within 15 minutes, the woman found the wedding ring.

Casey said he had a $100 bill in his pocket and offered it to the woman but she declined. Casey and Lindsey haven’t been married for a year, so finding the ring meant a lot to the couple.