Happy New Year! 2013 is upon us and it's another chance to make and stick with New Year's resolutions. Looking back at 2012, I came close but didn't quite make my two New Year's resolutions. I wanted to drop down to 200 pounds and to bench press 250 pounds. I made it to 215 pounds, and have since gained some weight since my low point this summer. I also benched 240 pounds. Again, close but no cigar. Who made up that saying and what exactly does it mean?It's a new year and a fresh start at more resolutions. I'm going to keep the 250 bench press one and not worry so much about my weight. Hey, not worrying so much could be a resolution! Popular resolutions include: losing weight, eating healthy, quitting smoking, being fiscally responsible and so on.

I'd love to hear about your resolutions for 2013 and about pasts one that you've achieved. Happy New Year!