I have some of the craziest dreams. But many times I have these vivid, so real you can touch them dreams. Those are the ones that I can remember each and every detail of what happened. I posted my dream on Facebook and someone messaged me and said "You should look the things that stand out in a dream dictionary to see what it means."

So I did and I'm so glad I did!

This was the dream I had last night:

I was at the CMA Awards with Chad sitting next to Miranda and Blake. They called my name as "SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR" for my song "Lotta Growin' Up To Do". Chad picked me up and spun me around! Miranda went up on stage with me because she had recorded it. Backstage, she told me she was supposed to sing it on the stage that night and aked me to sing it instead because she wanted me to know what it was like to sing in front of such a incredible audience. I did and I ROCKED it! Standing ovation from the likes of Brad Paisley, Kieth Urban, Carrie Underwood, Loretta Lynn. What a great dream!

I went to Dreammoods website and put in a few words that had to do with the dream and this is what the site says:

To dream that you are backstage symbolizes opportunities and access. You need to make sure to take advantage of this limited time opportunity.

There is a saying that goes, "all the world is your stage" and the dream may thus refer to your desire to be the center of attention. Also consider how your stage performance parallels a waking situation.

To sing in your dream represents happiness, harmony and joy in some situation or relationship. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition. Singing is a way to celebrate, communicate, embrace and express your feelings.

To dream that you receive an award indicates that you feel you deserve some recognition or some acknowledgment of your work.

To hear applause in your dream indicates that you are seeking acclaim and recognition. You need to acknowledge yourself in some area or situation in your life.

To dream of a kiss denotes love, affection, tranquility, harmony, and contentment.

To dream that you are hugging someone symbolizes your loving and caring nature. You are holding someone or something close to your heart.

I think these are pretty darn accurate. We had just had practice for Dixon Road last night before I headed to bed. I had music on the brain and in my subconscious. Maybe the dream was just overflow from the night but it made me very happy to wake up in the morning.

There are always good things to look forward to and dreams like this only help to fuel the fire that I might make the big stage one day, either with my singing or with my writing. I hope everyone gets to have a dream about what they love to do. Lets's reach for the stars this year!