I was so excited to see it last night. I had the surround sound turned up and ready to go! I had my blanket over my lap and my cat, Pumpkin, by my side.

It started out great.......

From the very beginning the music was too loud. The singing could barely be heard. The fixed it about 10 minutes into the show but it was still too loud.

Seeing Carrie for the first time in the woods was wonderful! We saw her do a little slip but recovered like a pro!

She is a fabulous singer! I mean, fabulous!

Her acting....um...well, she wasn't the best. But she did give it a great try! At one point my friend and I were looking at each other (she who had never seen the original) and we both had that face. That face that says 'Oh, I feel really bad about thinking she's not that good of an actress' look.

My favorite part was the bedroom scene with them all singing 'The Lonely Goatherd'. Loved it! And of course, 'Do-Re-Mi'.

She did better than I could do! There must be so much pressure with it being live tv, being compared to Julie Andrews and trying to recreate an iconic movie for today's audience.

What did you think of Carrie?