Yes, 90% of us of are sick of the cold and the snow.

There are the diehards that have plenty of snow left to play with.

But, if you look at your friend's posts on Facebook, there are more wishes for Spring rather than snow.

So what is it that YOU look forward to doing once the weather changes to 60 degrees and warm sunshine?

Is it planning your camping season?

Riding your motorcycle?

Starting to wear shorts and tank tops and cute shoes? (That's more for the ladies!)

Cleaning the pool and putting in the chemicals for the first freakish day it hits 80 degrees?

Cleaning out the garage to find the fishing gear to make sure your reels are supple?

Making a list of home improvements to get done? (That's more for the ladies, too! Guys, that honey-do list will start soon!)

Cleaning out the camper and make sure your hitch and lights are working when they're hooked up?

Planning your work schedule around the upcoming concerts here in Maine?

What are YOU looking forward to?