Hard to believe the NFL football season is done with week 8, meaning half the season is already gone with the all-important second half to start. The New England Patriots are up and down this year but looked like the Pats we expected this past weekend. They have a bye this week, a good time to rest-up and heal for the rest of the season. A lot of teams are up and down this year including the Pittsburgh Steelers.


The Steelers, with the best defense in the league last year, have had their troubles this year. They have had a bunch of injuries on defense but Coach Mike Tomlin says no excuses. Pittsburgh’s motto is ‘next man up’, which means injuries aren’t an excuse and no matter who’s playing, the defense should still perform like a Steelers defense. That hasn’t been happening this year as the ‘D’ is giving up too many points and can’t hold on to a 4th quarter lead. This weekend against the Redskin’s the Steeler defense looked like the squad from years past holding Washington to less than a 100 yards rushing and keeping rookie sensation Robert Griffith lll in check. With the second half of the season getting underway, as they say in Pittsburgh, bring on the ‘Steel Curtain”.