The average cost for a small draft beer at a Major League Baseball game will cost you $6.09 this season. That is the same as last season, according to information collected by Team Marketing Report from each team.

The Miami Marlins have the most expensive beer at $8. The Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Indians are tied for the lowest price at $4 per small beer.

However, if you simply go by the cost-per-ounce, the Boston Red Sox have the most expensive beer at $0.65 per ounce for the small beer. The Angels have the cheapest per-ounce cost at $0.28.

Ten teams, including Boston, sell a 12-ounce beer as a small beer. Five teams sell a 14-ounce beer. Twelve teams sell a small beer at 16 ounces. Two teams sell a small beer as 20 ounces and the Philadelphia Phillies small beer is 21 ounces.