When we were going through Nana's garage looking for the tree stand for deer season on Monday, Chad found THIS! He was all excited about it. I, however, said "Why are you so excited by a checkerboard?" He said, "THIS is no checkerboard! Well, it kind of is. You can play checkers and a whole bunch of different games on it. But that's not the point...THIS is a 

CARROM board!"


In his excitement, he told me stories of how he and his family would have Carrom tournaments at their house...and they were ruthless! I just nodded my head and smiled. He's not normally one for playing games so to see him THIS excited was awesome. We stopped at his parents for dinner and his father confirmed that there WERE ruthless tournaments. Now, I have to try and figure out how to play it.

From what I gather, you have to flick pieces with your fingers into corner pockets. You have to "pocket the Queen" before your last piece gets into the pocket.

It sounds confusing. Has anyone else ever heard of it? Ever PLAYED it? Please...give a girl a head's up!