Have you ever wondered how humans will evolve in the next one thousand years? What will the human race look like in the year 3000? In ‘The Sun’, evolution theorist Dr. Oliver Curry looked at the future evolution of man taking in various factors. By the year 3000 humans will be taller, 6 to 7 feet because of improved nutrition…or brains will be smaller because a lot of our thinking will be done by computers.

We’ll have fewer teeth as our nutrition comes from softer foods, pills and drinks. Other body parts affected will be the ‘nose.’ Everyone will have the same shape of nose because climate will have less of and impact as air conditioning and heating will be readily available…and with the heat and warm clothing, we’ll have less 'hair' because we won’t need it for warmth. Looking at the list, it’s clear to see humans will look a lot different in 3000.