This past weekend, I received a few stratch-off lottery tickets for my birthday. It got me wondering, 'What I would do if I won the big jackpot?' I tend to think that I really wouldn't change all that much. I do know that I would pay off my home and credit cards and give some money to my niece and a few close friends.

I do think I would still work here at the radio station, it's a great job! I would buy myself a few nice things, like a new bed, a larger television and some new clothes. I would take care of a few things that I've put off due to lack of funds, like a doctor office visit and home improvement projects.

I have no immediate need to buy a new car, the one I have works fine, or a larger house, the one I own fits my life.

So back to the scratch-off tickets I got on my birthday, I didn't win a penny.

So what would you do if you won the lottery? Just in case you feel lucky here are the latest jackpots for the Maine State Lottery games.