A little confusing? To some. A little desperate (as a lady posted on my friend's wall)? Not really. Mainers and drivers from all states have the opportunity to immortalize themselves with a vanity license plate. There are plenty of shells to choose from but sometimes what you want to say has already been taken. THIS particular license plate belongs to ME! The reason why is actually very simple. I had a Chrysler PT Cruiser and at the time that I bought it EVERYONE was driving them. They were so popular that, one day, in a grocery store parking lot I was unable to find my car. The next time I was at Universal Studios and searched for my car for an hour. I needed something that made it stand out. So, a personalized license plate was the way to go.

If you haven't figured it out already it says "Hugh Jackman" who plays Wolverine in all the X-Men movies. He was popular at the time and I had just seen him on Broadway in the musical 'The Boy from Oz' for which he won the Tony Award. I figured NO ONE else would ever have THIS for a plate...and I was right! What I really love is when I pull into a full service gas station and the attendants try and figure it out. Most of the time they can't but sometimes they do! So not only is it a functional part of my car, it puts the "FUN" in functional!

Here are a few more plates I have seen, especially while driving on the way to work. Hopefully, YOUR plate makes the list!