6 years ago today at 6:18 pm after just 3 1/2 hours labor THIS little boy joined the world! Dr. George had told me the day before "Sharon, if you don't have this baby tomorrow, I'm going to have a heart attack." You see, every month I went back for a check up the doctor was worried because his percentage to growth ratio kept dropping. On that day, he was only in the 5th percentile. Dr. George said he would have a better chance of growing outside the womb. So, his dad, Dan, and I decided to have him the next day. I will spare you all the details but to have him put in my arms the VERY first time...What an incredible feeling!

Today, you see him as a happy, healthy, energetic 1st grader. Anderson, and I may be a little biased, is the best boy EVER! That's what I tell him when he does something amazing-which is every day.

Happy birthday to the BIGGEST joy of my life, Anderson Ray Buck.  Mama loves you more than life itself. May all your birthday wishes come true!