Ok....so while Chad was taking a nap after a hard day at work yesterday, I went to the school and picked up the kids. I tried to keep the kids quiet. They did GREAT! They did their homework, they read books, played upstairs.

It was I who had the problem.

I was watching the NCAA tournament on the couch next to the sleeping Chad. I was watching the Kentucky/Wichita State game (which I had NO IDEA it wasn't LIVE!) It was SO EXCITING I was the one who woke him up! The 3-pointers! The missed free throws! The fouls!!  It was GREAT!!

Then why is it they lose all the action in the NBA?

ALL the intensity is GONE! Every once in a while there is a dunk or a good pass.

Who misses the late 80s and 90s when the Boston Celtics had Larry Bird (Larry Legend), Kevin McHale (AWESOME 6th man!), Robert 'The Chief' Parish (with his high release jump shot!), Dennis 'DJ' Johnson and Danny Ainge (over 1000 3-pointers for his career)? Remember the PASSES?? Remember the cheering?

Getty Images, photo by Drew Hallowell

I miss that.

That's why I love college basketball. The fans are into it. They don't just go crazy for a dunk. They appreciate each and every play. And the players expel so much energy! College players play hard to MAKE the NBA.

And then they fall flat. It's like the other NBA players say "Aw, you don't have to play hard anymore. No need to work on your free throws. Just play."

I'm happy to watch the college basketball games in March and April. It reminds me of the NBA I watched as a kid and, sadly, the NBA my kids will never see.