Tom O’Leary, in 2010, bought an old tour bus that belonged to Willie Nelson. The bus was actually owned by Willie’s longtime drummer Paul English and was used for Willie Nelson's band when he was on tour. The tour bus recently sold again on eBay for $80,000.

O’Leary said he was not a big fan of Willie Nelson’s and bought the tour bus on a whim and used it only twice a year for NASCAR races and hunting trips. When he bought the bus it needed quite a bit of work but he thought it looked cool so he bought it.

The rear of the bus features a drawing of a bald eagle with outstretched wings. It also features stained glass windows, red velvet curtains and a framed portrait of Jimmy Rogers. The bus was named ‘Scout’ and later named ‘Me & Paul’ after a 1985 album by Willie Nelson by the same name.

It was not Willie’s personal bus but he did ride it quite bit and when he rode it he played dominos. Its a 1983 tour bus that gets only 7 miles to the gallon, but it does have AC and heat. The bus was confirmed as authentic by Rolling Stone Magazine to be the tour bus of a member of Willie Nelson’s band.