Do you have old paint cans, broken computer monitors, and other hazardous items cluttering your shed? I know, that's about half the stuff in my shed! Well, this Saturday, Winslow Public Works at 135 Hailfax Street is having a household hazardous waste drop-off day.It will run from 9 a.m until noon and it's open to residents of Belgrade, Benton, China, Clinton, Fairfield, Oakland, Sidney, Vassalboro, Waterville and Winslow.

Waste can include old paint, automotive parts, gasoline, pesticides, antifreeze, oil, batteries, swimming pool chemicals and electronics.

Residents hoping to drop off hazardous products are encouraged to fill out a registration form at their municipal office. However, people won't be turned away.

Last year the event in Winslow brought in about 2,345 gallons and 1,100 pounds of hazardous waste.

There are annual events just like this one held throughout the state.

In Augusta, it's the third Saturday in May.

In Jackman, the third Saturday in August.

In Pittsifield and Skwohegan, the first Saturday in October.